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Company "Craidell Oy" specializes in the development and introduction of CNC (computer numerical control systems) NC series for metal and woodworking machines, repair and modernization of machine tools and industrial equipment, design of automatic control systems of technological processes, including software development.

Craidell Oy offers the following services:

  • Delivery and service support CNC systems: NC-110, NC-2xx and NC-310 for control of metal-and woodworking machines and centers.
  • Delivery and service the axis servodrives SA/HA and CSD series.
  • Supply and replacement of feedback sensors (encoders) for CNC systems.
  • Education and advice of technical personnel of the customer (machine tools developers, service stuff, programmers, technicians and machine operators) to work with CNC systems series NC.
  • Comprehensive repair and modernization of machine tools and machining centers.
  • Development and implementation of automatic process control based on controller Simatik and Vipa, and SCADA system Iconics GENESIS.
  • Development of software for general and special technological purposes.

CNC system series NC.

CNC series NC control systems are universal processing equipment. Hardware and software of these systems makes them with many types of industrial equipment: lathes, milling, boring, EDM, grinding and other machines.

The main characteristics of the NC series NC:

  • Support the incremental, quasi-absolute and absolute linear and angular displacement transducers (encoders).
  • Support servodrives with an analog ( 10V) and digital control.
  • Manage up to 16 physical interpolated axes with tact 1 ms.
  • Ability to work with virtual, indexed and oblique axes, the axes "from point to point."
  • One CNC system has the ability to independently and simultaneously control up to 5 processes (machines, or nodes of a machine).
  • Types of interpolation: linear, arc, Bezier curves (Splines).
  • Number of digital inputs / outputs - from 48/32 to 384/256.
  • Can be equipped with an analog-digital converter.
  • Have Ethernet connector (RJ-45) and may be included in a local area network of the enterprise to data exchange and remote diagnostics via the Internet.
  • All parameters, settings, programming logic, tool offsets and zero points are contained in text files, and can be edited directly, without any special hardware or software.
  • Preparation of control programs simultaneously with working process.
  • Leadscrew error compensation and gap compensation.
  • Control of acceleration / deceleration in linear, S-law or exponential law.
  • High reliability and noise immunity.
  • The cost of CNC systems series NC considerably lower than similar systems from Siemens and Fanuc with the same functionality. By some measures to NC series NC even surpass similar parameters of its competitors.
  • The standard delivery of the NC system includes all necessary hardware and software components.

The models of CNC series NC


CNC control NC-110 - wide application with easy adaptation to control complex machinery equipment. The system features a unique combination of versatility, reliability and ability to control five processes simultaneously. The system has an open architecture that allows you to meet the growing demands of consumers by incorporating additional hardware and software modules. The system can operate with sensors such as encoders, resolvers and inductosines. These qualities allow the effective use of the system to control various equipment: machining centers, high-speed machines, multisupport machines and flexible manufacturing systems.

The main characteristics of CNC NC-110:

  • Controlled axes - from 2 to 16 and the actuator stroke for a 16-axle 1ms.
  • Discrete I / O 48/32 - 384/256.
  • Different messages (errors in technological programs, operator error, error diagnosis of system and the machine)
  • Electronic handwheel.


CNC control NC-310 represents a distributed system of machines, allowing to place closer the analog and digital inputs / outputs to the control machine tools. In the system used high-speed bus SSB (Serial Speed Bus) for communication between intelligent control and nonintellectual block for control of digital and analog inputs / outputs. Included principle of open architecture CNC system allows you to apply one to the complex objects management. The system has the ability to create a virtual machine control panel by means of functional-programmable buttons (as in CNC NC-210).

The main characteristics of CNC NC-310:

  • Controlled axes - from 2 to 8 and the actuator stroke to 8 axes of 1ms.
  • Discrete I / O 48/32 - 384/256.


Close-coupled, single-board system CNC NC2xx, which merged into a single whole the control console, the machine control software and a high degree of functionality. These quality systems in a combination of low price allowed using them effectively to control turning, milling, laser, gas-cutting and other types of machines with the number of axes from 3 to 5, and the number of digital inputs / outputs up to 64/48.

Feedback sensors

Company Craidell Oy offers a wide selection of transducers of linear and angular displacements, as well as couplings, digital display and input device measurement data into a computer:

  • Incremental, quasi-absolute and absolute linear displacement sensors up to 3,220 mm and increments of 0.1 microns.
  • Incremental and absolute, photoelectric and magnetic transducers angular displacement with a resolution of up to 3.6 million discrete per a turn.
  • Digital Readouts, working with incremental sensors. Allow you to display the coordinates of up to 3 axes, to work in absolute and relative frames of reference and increments.
  • Positioning device with simple program control, working with both incremental and absolute encoders to represent the digital display devices, combined with a programmable logic controller. These are used for semi-simple control lathes and milling machines. Can carry out simple technology programs in the automatic mode.
  • Interface modules and computer boards allow direct input of moving to a personal computer.

Our feedback sensors series of LIR-compatible dimensions, electrical signals and connectors with similar sensors such companies as Siemens, Fagor, Hecon, RSF-Elektronik, Leine & linde, HEIDENHAIN, BALLUFF and others.

The cost of our sensors series LIR significantly below their counterparts firms Siemens, Fagor, Hecon, RSF-Elektronik, Leine & linde, HEIDENHAIN, BALLUFF.

By some measures, our feedback sensors series LIR even surpass similar parameters of its competitors.

Comprehensive repair and upgrade equipment

Company Craidell Oy repairs and modernization of machines and machining centers. Modernization involves installation of a series CNC or NC programmable controller with a digital display, feedback sensors, actuators and servo motors, electrics. As a result of modernization increased accuracy, expanded functionality and increased productivity of the machine.

Automatic Control Systems

Company Craidell Oy develops and implements a system for automatic process control using programmable controllers and Simatik Vipa, software and SCADA GENESIS company Iconics.

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