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The CNC NC-310 represents the decentralised CNC device, allowing to approximate analogue and digital inputs/outputs to operating controls of a machinery equipment. The high-speed bus SSB (Serial Speed Bus) is applied in device to link between the intellectual bench board and the nonintellectual block for control of analogue and digital inputs/outputs. The included principle of an open architecture allows to apply the CNC device to the complex objects of control. The device has possibility of creation the virtual bench board by means of functional programmed buttons (as in the CNC NC-210).


  • Control module (CM)
  • Operator's board (OB)
  • Machine board (24 free-programming keys, electronic handwheel)
  • Relais modules DC 24V/3A, AC 220V/1,5A, 110V/3A
  • Link cable between CM and OB by digital channel SSB up to 100m
  • Link cables between OB and machine's board - 1m
  • Link cables with relais modules - 2m
  • Feedback transmitters and DACs connectors
  • PC link software
  • Complect of dopcumentation
  • FDD cable
  • USB cable
  • USB flash drive 128Mb
  • Network support

Complectation and main characteristics CNC NC-310:

  • Controlled axis: from 2 to 8, control tact of control by 8 axis - 1ms.
  • Discrete I/O: 48/32 - 384/256.
  • Machine data is organized in files (tool tables, tool corrections, original points).
  • Prepairing of machine programs may be simultaneously with running of a detail machining cycle.
  • Different messages (control program errors, operator errors, system diagnostic errors)
  • Error reduction of a run screw and compensation of gaps.
  • Software limits.
  • Protected areas and work field definition from the control program.
  • Speed control on profile.
  • Control of acceleration/braking on linear or exponential low.
  • Original points defined by configuration.
  • Electronic handwheel.
  • Support of inductive feedback transmitters (encoders, inductosines etc.).
  • Switch-on and runtime diagnostics.
  • Serial (RS232) and parallel ports.
  • Embedded programmed logic interface (PLC).
  • High-level programming language for PLC.
  • Graphical representation of axis movement and detail machining.

External channels

  • FDD, RS-232, LAN, USB

Machine board

  • Feed corrector (F%) from 0 to 127%
  • Spindle corrector (S%) from 0 to 127%
  • Mode choosing knob
  • Manual feed corrector (JOG)
  • Buttons "START" and "STOP"
  • Emergency off switch (mushroom)
  • Handwheel
  • Free-programmed keys - 24
  • Programmed multilevel virtual machine board based on functional keys F1-F8 and F11-F18 and screen menus, that possible to create any controls of machine's modules.

External modules

  • Input module with indication - 24
  • Output relais module with indication - 24 DC 24V/3A, AC 110V/3A


  • Hermetical numeric-characters keyboard
  • Hermetic button keyboard of machine board


  • Color TFT


  • Control module 222x262x163 mm
  • Operator board 395x340x125 mm
  • Machine board 175x340x73 mm
  • Input module 102x85x56 mm
  • Output module 270x85x56 mm

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