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Programming of the CNC device of series NC includes:

  • Characterisation of the arrangement (determination of address space of logic, parameters of axis and other);
  • Programming of logic of the machine tool (PLC), that is determination of response of exterior operating mechanisms on change of signals from sensors of the machine tool, interior registers of a CNC and pushing by the operator of buttons on the machine benchboard.

Possibilities of change of parameters of axis are extremely wide. In a file of a characterisation of axis the factors influencing positioning accuracy and smoothness of a motion are noted practically all. Gaps, dynamic responses of a servodrive unit, the maximum velocity and acceleration and many other parameters are noted. Owing to it, even on the machine tool with enough outworn mechanics, it is possible to achieve rather high precision and dynamic exponents.

The programmable logic drives in the core auxiliary units of the machine tool: electromotors of pumps, hydro- and pneumatic valves, mechanisms of changeover of the instrument. In spite of the fact that there are standard solutions of control schemes that or other class-room of units, we note also in the operation the wishes of process men and the operator of the given machine tool, creating actuating working environment which peakly matches to destinations of production.

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