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We select the necessary of a CNC system for each upgraded machine tool individually, proceeding from following exponents:

  • Type of the machine tool (turning, milling, boring...);
  • Amount of controlled axis;
  • Amount of discrete input and output signals;
  • Type of feedback transmitters (photoelectric or inductive);
  • Type of guidance of drive units (analogue or pulsewise-stepping);
  • Remoteness of a console from the rack of electroautomatics.

Each CNC device is completed with all necessary connectors, cables and the terminal units for its hooking up to final control devices and sensors of the machine tool.

If during revision or mounting a necessity of replacement of devices of electroautomatics is become clear - automatic cuts, contactors, relais and so on - we realize such replacement with the modern devices of carrying on European corporations (ABB, Siemens, Schneider). We also carry out an interleaf of signal and power cable traces.

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